Electric Guitar Pedals: The Basic Things You Need to Know


A lot of instruments have only one key sound and that's it. However, there's this one instrument that makes it different from the others - the electric guitar. Because of the vast development of today's technology, electric guitars have improved its sounds. It is a fact that every guitar's sound is different from one guitar to another. Every guitar has its own sound, depending on how you mix the tune of it. The sound of the guitar also depends on the amp you choose for it changes the tone of the guitar. However, the main and biggest factor in electric guitar's unique sound is the delay guitar pedal. Ever since, people are already using delay guitar pedal to make a unique sound and to make their own signature sound. Below are some of the best delay pedals you can use to make your own unique sound.

The first one is the wah pedal. This is probably the most popular delay guitar pedal of all time. It is called a wah pedal because it produces a wah wah sound. They derived its name from the sound it produces. It is actually controlled like a gas pedal on a car, pushing down and up adjusts the filter that creates the "wah wah" effect.

The next pedals that this article will share to you are the delay and reverb. Delay is another type of echo; however it is multiple controlled repeats. On the other hand, reverb creates an immediate echo sound that is like a sound of person's yell in a large open building or in a cathedral. Actually, there are many types of delay pedals; but these types are categorized into different analogs or digital delays.

Lastly, this article will discuss about the fuzz, distortion and overdrive pedals as well as delay guitar pedal. Majority of musicians use one of these pedals for they are considered to be the unsung heroes of guitar pedals. The fuzz pedal creates the mixture of the sounds of the overdrive pedal and the distortion pedal. Well then, distortion pedals creates a distorted sound to a clean amp and the overdrive pedal creates a sound that adds drive and grit to a normal amp.

There are a lot more delay guitar pedal but these are just the most common and most popular pedals like guitar reverb pedal used by a lot of musicians. If you want to explore one of them, then go now to the nearest store and buy the guitar pedal you want. This will help you find the unique within you.

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